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Windows 8

Windows 8 has been released to manufacturing, I will be posting things on here of features and issues.  Look for those on the blog.  It will become available to everyone on October 26th.

Office 2013 Preview

Microsoft has released the newest version of office as a preview.  Download the tutorial on how to install it  HERE.
Windows System checker update
Currently, it is in beta phase, and i am hoping for a full release in late June, but it still needs to be tested thoroughly.  If interested in joining the project, message me on here or see our sourceforge page at
Windows 8 consumer preview

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been release and i have written tutorials for it.  See below.

 CP install.pdf

Safe Mode on win8 cp.pdf


Page Update

On this page i will discuss a few different things:


1. Picture Viewer (Black title)

2. Windows System Checker (Blue Title)

3. All other Computer related topics (purple title).

Windows System Checker

I am currently developing a new application to check windows system files and see if they are in the correct places.  This is different then SFC that is included with windows.  Currently not even in alpha phase, i hope to have this program released soon.

Picture Viewer 3.0.0

Picture Viewer 3.0.0 is aimed at two things.  First, we are looking into adding vlc to the project making it completely open source.  Second, we will be trying a linux port to increase interoperability.

Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu 10.10 has been released.  I tried running it via PXE boot, but it didn't allow me to get onto the internet, still working on it.

Install Office 2003 on Windows Developer Preview

This is how you can install Office 2003 on the Windows Developer Preview.  Click here to download the pdf.

Native ISO mounting on Windows Developer Preview

Microsoft has finally mad native ISO mounting possible on windows.  Here is an How-to on it Native ISO mounting.pdf