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For Victory

A piece about a rebellion.  It is in a contest on Figment so any hearts would be appriciated  Check it out here:

The people of Earth

This is a flash fiction piece that is about a person at the opening ceremony of the olympic games.  Check it out here:

The life of agent one

This is a serial fiction piece that is both on figment and tumblr.  Check it out here:

The Average Superhero

This was originally for the Ralph Munn Creative Writing contest.  I lost, but i still think it was pretty good so i have posted it to figment for the world to see.  Find and comment on it here

The Space Shuttle: A White Beauty

This is a poem about the Space Shuttle.  Originally for the Ralph Munn Creative Writing contest, now that i know i am not being published in the anthology, i have posted it to figment.  Go read it here:

Daily Themes: By Figment

Figment has been sending out daily theme to write responses to.  Below are the links for each week:

Week One:

Week Two:


There are more on figment, please just search for them there.

Please Come Home

A short story about a girl whose father is in the military for Christmas.

Just a Thought~ What you need to know

A little poem I put together, wanted to write something new and this popped into my head... not going to say if it is real or fiction...

Check it out here 

Still Waiting

A little poem about waiting, haven't written much because of NaNoWriMo so with it being over, i thought i would write this.  Sometimes i feel this way...

I See a Bright Light

Semi-finalist for the American Boy Contest. Cover by Bruce Howard.

A brother and sister are on their way to America for the first time to meet up with their father, but their father might be mysteriously different then they remember him. 

To the Moon: A Voyage

Formerly: Around the Mooon

My NaNoWriMo Novel

 After fifty years, NASA astronauts are on their way back to the moon. Landing at the same site as Apollo 11, The Sea of Tranquility, the astronauts start to build the first lunar base. However, before they could finish, an alarm on the Orion module causes the astronauts to abort the mission. Finding that the alarm affects critical life support and reentry systems, the flight controllers realize that the issue could cost the astronauts their lives.

Check out the book here: 


AFCIS: Welcome to the Hunt

This is my newest novelette.  It is about a team of investigators that investigate the Air Force.  It is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Please read at

My Brother and His Wife

A finalist for the callicontest on figment. It is about the first meeting of my brothers wife(completely fiction).

read and heart here:

9/11 Ten Years: A Memory

My latest story is now posted on figment.  It is about my memories of 9-11-01.  Please read here:


Space Perils

A novelette about the space station crashing to earth.  A shuttle is sent to rescue it, but the shuttle has many issues along the way putting more lives in danger.  Please read at

If you are a registered member of the website, you will be able to download a .PDF of it under the special previews page.

What is Wrong With You

A simple story about a girl who likes to read and gets made fun of for it.  It used to be a contest piece, but is now going to be added to.

 Please read at